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Hello there Indigos i hope you guys like our latest updates.

This is what we have been working on lately and finally we are able to release our first patch.

-Purshased an advertisement:
-Fixed hardcore iron man icon
-Changed Gold donator icon
-Added givemod
-Finished our webstore
-Changed our client background
-Fixed Tutorial
-Added T90's armour and weapons bonuses
-Added Slayer Npcs that were not in the game
-Added desert eagle (Very fast, also have Royal Crossbow stats)
-Added 10x drugunov (Kinda slow, strongest range weapon ingame)
-Added Spinning Wheel
-Added ;;npclookup (npc) command which will allow you to know what does a npc drop.
-Added ;;itemlookup (item) command which will allow you to know what npc drops your item.
-Rewrote Nex Boss
-Added the three dwarf cannons
-Added Base Cannon into Vote Shop (3pts a piece)
-Added Cannonballs into General Store
-Added resources to health shop: Super pots, Antifires, Monkfishes and Sharks
-Rewrote Crashing star system with stages.
-Added Construction
-Removed some unwanted trivias

I hope you guys like the updates.

Server is currently ONLINE

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