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If you’re a new or returning player seeking a server to embark on your Runescape adventure, the abundance of available servers may leave you feeling overwhelmed. It can be challenging to determine which server is the right fit for you. Today, I’ll share some personal tips and tricks I’ve gathered over the years to help you navigate the selection process.

  1. Consider Your Preferred Play Style

It’s essential to think about the specific activities you enjoy most in Runescape, as most private servers focus on particular aspects of the game. Some servers revolve around Player Versus Monster (PvM) content, while others prioritize Player Versus Player (PvP) gameplay. There are also servers that offer a blend of both but lean heavily toward one aspect. To narrow down your search, determine the type of content you’re most interested in and utilize the “Filter By Type” function on the RSPS List page. Additionally, you can further refine your search by using the “Filter By Tags” function to specify your preferences. Rest assured that almost all playable servers are listed on the RSPS List or the New Server List, ensuring you won’t miss out on any hidden gems.

  1. Choose Your Desired Experience

Once you’ve identified your preferred content, the next question to ask yourself is whether you want a unique customized experience or a server closely aligned with Runescape. This decision can be challenging as some servers fall between these categories, offering a combination of custom and authentic Runescape content. These servers are known as Semi-Custom servers and typically integrate content from various eras of Runescape into a cohesive experience. Your choice depends on personal preference and the type of experience you’re seeking. Some servers feature entirely new and original map areas, monsters, armor, weapons, and mechanics, while others strive to provide the most up-to-date and authentic content from your favorite Runescape era. Use the “Filter By Type” function on the RSPS List to help you find the experience you desire.

  1. Evaluate the Community

Although this is the third category on the list, it holds equal importance. Finding a welcoming community can significantly enhance your server experience. One approach is to join the official Discord server of the RSPS you’re interested in. This will give you an idea of the active member count, frequency of server updates and maintenance, and overall community atmosphere. If you prefer direct communication with developers and staff members, a smaller server may be suitable. On the other hand, if you enjoy tackling content with larger teams of players, a larger community might be your best bet. Another way to gauge a server’s community is by reviewing the RSPS List section, where servers are ranked based on the number of votes received each month. Servers higher on the list typically have more active players to engage with.

In conclusion, finding the right Runescape Private Server for you often involves trial and error. There’s no harm in exploring multiple servers and spending time in their Discord communities to find your perfect match. Regardless of the server you choose, I hope these tips assist you in discovering a server you can call home. Remember to periodically check the RSPS List and the New Server List for new adventures awaiting you!

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