KnightScape 317

KnightScape [317 Version]

*Server was under development and on beta since May 2021. We are planning to have server fully launched by end of September, everyone is welcome to join us!
Join now and use “ownerrocks” as social code{::social} to receive “20$ Scroll.” Lots of giveaways are coming soon as well! *

Custom Home & NPCS
Custom Skills & Auto Train
Custom Gears & Weapons
Custom Pets & Bonuses
Custom Maps
Minime Features
Redesigned Leveling System
Elder Bosses Zones
Custom Donator Zones
Aura System
Boss Gauntlet
Safe Gambling
Lots of AFK Content
Auto Thieve
PvM Skill
Divination Skill
Archeology Skill
Daily login bonuses
40+ Bosses
Resizable client and Full screen

Images & Media

Upcoming Features
Group Ironman & PvM zones

Join us
Discord: KnightScape 317 PS
Forum: Forums - KnightScape-RSPS