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I am Noobs own, or for the people that know me a bit better Tibo, I’m 22 years old and I am from belgium.

I make any type of video you want, Server tours, Staking videos, Gambling, Showing off unique content, Box openings, Loot From videos, Reviews, Pvming, Pking and montages.
Because of the recent changes in the rsps source and a lot of ready to launch servers are online now I will only be working with your server if you put the effort in. For this I want to see the server and what makes it different from the rest and your discord needs 250+ members. This is to ensure that I don’t advertise money grab servers to provide my community safe and quality servers to play.

[admin=◈The way I work◈]Now I think this is something you want to know as buyer, so you know you are guarantied quality video’s! So after The buyer told me what kind of video he/she wants and we agreed on the price, I go ahead and make that video. After that I, make my thumbnail and upload the video as unlisted with all the links and the thumbnail that it would officially be uploaded with. This link will be shared with the buyer of the video. If the buyer likes the video then I will upload the official video release so everyone can watch it. If the buyer does not like the video, I change what he/she wants to see changed so the video is satisfactory for the buyer. NOTE: I do NOT charge more money if you want to see a change in the video.[/admin][/fuzzy]

[SIZE=6]My channel[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4][fuzzy]Subscribers Count: [/fuzzy][COLOR="#00FF00"]3439[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=3][fuzzy]◈Servers I have worked with◈[/fuzzy]
~Janus 317~
~Snow RSPS~
~Tanoth 667~
~Bethlehem 317~
~ImpurityX 667~
~Delusion 667~
~Vision 317~
~OS Legion~
~Blade RSPS~
~Rebel 317~
~OS Royale~
~Glory 667~


[SIZE=4]Stripe, RSGP, BTC and ETH[/SIZE]
◈Pvp/Pvm montages $90 each, $125 each if I have to get my own clips.
◈Series (ironman, road2max, road to all drops, progress serie, …) $85/episode
◈Normal video (staking, gambling, minigames, pking, loot vids, box opening, server tour) $75
◈2 VIDEOS (staking, gambling, minigames, pking, loot vids, box opening, server tour) $72.50 each ($145 in total)
◈3+ VIDEOS (staking, gambling, minigames, pking, loot vids, box opening, server tour) $70 each ($210 + in total)
◈Live streaming anything $75 for 2 hours

NOTE: Because i got scammed in the past all payments will be donne before I make the video('s)!
-Join my Community discord
-Pm me on rune-server
-Add me on discord Noobs Own#7914 Unique id: 332885958183747586
-Giving skype details on pm
-Recently made a twitter account, you can follow me on there:
-Follow me on instagram @noobsown

[SIZE=2][fuzzy]5 Most recent video’s[/fuzzy][/SIZE]
[SPOILER=Recent video’s]
[video]SHOWCASE ON THIS AMAZING CUSTOM RSPS *Unique Yu Gi Oh raid* + Giveaway [Equinox RSPS] - YouTube
[video]HUNTING THE FEATHERFALL BOW! Exora Progress EP.5 *WHAT IS MY LUCK?* + Giveaway [Exora RSPS] - YouTube
[video]PKING FOR THE FIRST TIME! Exora Progress EP.4 + Giveaway [Exora RSPS] - YouTube
[video]I GOT SCAMMED BY THE BEGINNERS GUIDE! Exora Progress EP.3 *Lucky daily mbox* + Giveaway [Exora RSPS] - YouTube

[fuzzy]Tnx for taking your time to read my topic. NOTE: Due to high demand for video’s I suggest you to book me early on, chances are high that I will not be available for a while at the time of asking.[/fuzzy]

[fuzzy]Vouches (49):[/fuzzy]
[SPOILER=Vouches][QUOTE=Frimb RSPS;5431959]Vouch for my bro <3[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=alexsmith1097;5433596]Vouch for tibo, he have made a video which was a greating looking, well edited and he charges low amount!


[QUOTE=JakeyRSPS;5484713]Vouch!! Friendly guy and really helpful, in addition one of the best Youtuber!
Keep it up lad[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Jonnys;5571380]Vouch - very responsible and reliable youtuber.
Does NOT view bot[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Gang;5571383]I’ve worked for him recently.
Legit guy, vouch ++[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Yaz1Lunaris;5623721]Made a video for Lunaris.

Happy with the service.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Mcnoob;5628907]Recently produced a server showcase of superb quality, Easy to work with and quick to produce, would recommend if you’re in need of a youtuber to create content for your server!

Plan to use again in the future!


[QUOTE=Noele;5634707]Super nice guy, made us a free video and it’s easy to tell he put time and effort into it, I’d say it was one of our more detailed videos.

Cheers :)[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=robstever;5658355]BIG VOUCH for NOOBS OWN.

very professional, easy to work with.

We gave an overall idea of what way we wanted to run with our video


10/10 would HIGHLY recommend NOOBS OWN services.

very straight forward communication, timely, and high quality.


~Noobs Own

100% recommended.

Most trustworthy guy in the scene by far :heart:

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