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-Why pay me?
-What’s included?
-Supported Operating Systems
-Minimum Requirements
-Payment Methods

Why pay me?

My IRL job is focused on configuring, maintaining and supporting a huge amount of servers for a variety of clients. I have encountered an insane amount of different setups, software and problems!

Far too many servers are being hacked these days. Most of the hacks could be easily prevented! There is also a plague of terrible performance spreading through the community due to misconfigurations and cheaping out on your VPS!

What's Included?

  • Initial setup
  • Creation of additional user account
  • Installation of requested software (IDE, AV & Backup Software etc)
  • Optimisation by disabling some Windows features
  • If running on Linux, all additional tools will be installed
  • If running on Linux, I can teach you on Discord some basics

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows Server (Desktop or Datacenter edition)
    • 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019
  • Linux (CLI or GUI)
    • Ubuntu - Recommended
    • Debian
    • Centos


If you have started looking into purchasing your VPS, you’ve likely already seen that there are a huge amount of providers, all offering similar services for vastly different amounts of money.

Personally, I always preferred to run my servers on Ubuntu Linux.

Why you ask?

  • MUCH cheaper to run
  • FAR higher performance for the same money
  • INCREDIBLY stable performance

I recommend OVH because their DDOS Protection is second to none. When I ran Janus, I was hit multiple times with huge 70Gbps+ attacks. Our players didn’t even notice!

Attacks are happening constantly in the RuneScape Private Server scene. Be sure you don’t let your players suffer by cheaping out on a crappy provider.

Here is a comparison with two of the OVH packages.

OS Package Price RAM CPU Network Storage
Ubuntu Essential $11.50 / Month 4GB 2 vCore 500Mbps 80GB NVMe
Windows Essential $19.50 / Month 4GB 2 vCore 500Mbps 80GB NVMe
Ubuntu Comfort $23 / Month 8GB 4 vCore 1Gbps 160GB NVMe
Windows Comfort $41 / Month 8GB 4 vCore 1Gbps 160GB NVMe

As you can see, for almost HALF of the price, you can grab yourself the same configuration and save yourself the Windows license fees.

Now… the main downside to running your server on Linux is that it’s HARDER!

You have no GUI (Graphical User Interface). You’re required to interact with the server using command line tools (My recommended tool is Termius).

You’ll definitely pickup the skills quickly, so don’t worry too much. You’ll also feel like a l33t pro h4cker, so that’s cool - I suppose.

Minimum Recommended Specifications

Believe it or not, you **DON'T** need to buy a server with 24GB of RAM and 16 vCores. Your server will barely use any CPU.

The main resource used will be the RAM, but you’ll never need more than 12GB if your server doesn’t have memory leaks.

Here are my recommendations based on what your choice of OS is.

OS Players RAM CPU
Windows 0-50 6GB 4 vCores
Windows 50-300 16GB 4 vCores
Linux 0-50 4GB 2 vCores
Linux 50-300 8GB 4 vCores


Service Cost
Complete VPS Setup $20
VPS Migration $30
Advice $0!

Service Descriptions

Complete VPS Setup

  • I will connect and do the initial setup
  • I will configure your firewall
  • I will disable unnecessary features to improve performance
  • I will install software that you request (Chrome, Eclipse / IntelliJ etc)
Buy with Crypto

Buy with Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, iDeal

VPS Migration

If you’re moving from one host to another, I will complete the initial setup and ensure all data is transferred.

Buy with Crypto

Buy with Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, iDeal


  • Ask me absolutely anything, for free, whenever you want.
  • Message me in the RspsHub Discord
  • Message me on RspsHub Directly

Payment Methods

Crypto, Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, iDeal
Use the links in the service description to checkout